About Us

Who We Are

SIF has helped Idaho’s employers protect injured workers, improve on-the-job safety and reduce injury claims since 1917, and we love every minute of it. Our difference — and our greatest strength — is our local, personalized service. Homegrown in the Gem State, SIF knows Idahoans and understands the nuances of workers’ compensation so we can insure your business and help you navigate the claims process effectively and efficiently.

Career Opportunities

Our Financial Health

To be the robust, dependable support system that you and our more than 35,000 other policyholders depend on daily, ensuring our financial future is key. That’s why we consistently maintain a surplus equal to or greater than our annual premium income and sustain assets in excess of $800 million. We document our financial soundness and verify compliance by providing annual statements and participating in audit examinations conducted by the Idaho Department of Insurance.

Our People

Our Leaders

Combining deep industry experience with a collaborative, customer-centric focus, our leadership team propels positive change for our employees and policyholders. Their agile, forward-thinking approach to operations is paving the path to SIF’s continued success on behalf of hardworking Idahoans.

John Thompson

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Jaye B. Pierce

Vice President Human Resources

Randy Hoffman

Vice President Policyholder Services

Mike Haxby

Vice President Claims

Chris Farnsworth

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Richard Burleigh

General Counsel, Assistant Fund Manager

Rick Ferguson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Fund Manager

Meet Our Board

We’re grateful to the bright minds and dedicated individuals who serve on our board of directors. Their commitment to our mission ensures we remain focused and fiscally responsible in serving the great people of Idaho.

Rodney Higgins, Chairman, Licensed Insurance Agent
Terry Gestrin, Member of State House of Representatives
Todd Lakey, Member of State Senate
Steve Landon, Representative of Labor
Max Black, Representative of Businesses of the State

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April, 2020